About Us

We keep growing silently and steadily for years, eventually evolving as one of the most reliable companies in our category. We not only hold a lion share of the global Ayurvedic Market, but we are into Nutraceuticals as well. With us, you will find formulations in forms like Tablets, Capsules, Oils, Syrups, Oral Suspensions, powders, and granules.

It gives us immense pleasure in introducing NB Healthcare as one of India’s leading HealthCare companies. We incorporated our company decades back with the mission to improve the quality of life.

Today, we are majorly successful in materializing our plans. We are one of the most reputed and respected Ayurvedic Manufacturers, serving customers Worldwide. We bring glory to the nation by bringing in sheer respect and revenues from international customers. Our company is associated with some of the most acclaimed, Domestic, and International Ayurvedic Brands.

Our company keeps thriving for qualitative and quantitative excellence, giving our customers the best value in return for their faith and confidence. Since the day of the inception of our country, we have adhered to quality management.

We have adopted the Total Quality Management Guidelines across all of our functional units. Thus, our products comply with the global specifications, delivering the sweetest value for its cost. Our company protects and upholds the rights and interests of all the internal and external stakeholders.

We work with the mission to consolidate the people’s faith in Ayurveda. With credit for developing hundreds of unique products, we are the pioneer among the manufacturers of similar kinds of products and solutions.

We have extensive sourcing channels to source the finest grade raw material

The quality of the products depends on the quality of the raw materials involved. We have developed a solid framework for sourcing necessary raw materials. It keeps sourcing the finest grade herbs and other ingredients that we need to produce our products. It ensures that our products will always resemble the finest grade.

Our production process involves cutting-edge technology and skilled workers

Our production process combines technical and technological excellence with a skilled workforce. It is another factor that helps us to deliver the finest grade products. We keep working seamlessly to produce the most relevant products as per your needs. With us, you will find a product for all and all types of diseases.

Nothing is more important to us than your happiness

We operate intending to produce the complete gratification of our clients. Our company walks a few additional yards to match your expectations. It gives us immense pleasure to find our clients happy and satisfied with our products and services. We put the most sincere and honest effort to bring happiness and gratification to our global customers.

We offer comprehensive contract manufacturing services. In that regard, we are serving companies from all around the globe. Our expertise and skills enable our customers to offers the most delightful products to their customers. On the whole, our services bring holistic benefits to people at large.

We are looking forward to associating with your company, supporting you n driving your brand forward.

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