How our Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing Services Powers Your Brand?


The Legacy of Ayurveda dates back to the earliest days of Human Civilization. Since those days, Ayurveda has offered a permanent and root-cause solution to various health threats.

The best part about Ayurveda is that it is the most effective and safe for your health. You never stand any risk to encounter any health hazards of consuming Ayurvedic medicines. Even today, Ayurveda enjoys the faith and confidence of millions of consumers.

It projects a candid opportunity for Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers. If you are into a similar role, you should put your best efforts to make the maximum out of these opportunities.

If you are planning to scale-up the production capacity, Ayurvedic Third Part Manufacturing is one worthy trick to try. NB Healthcare is one of the most reliable parties to consider in this regard.

We are a quality-conscious, and professionally managed company, offering Ayurvedic Third Party manufacturing services for years.

Presently, NB Healthcare holds some of the top global Ayurvedic Medicine brands in its clientele. We can handle orders of all sizes.

Our company has the appropriate framework to manufacture Ayurvedic medicines in various forms.

By associating with our company, you take the most significant step to drive your business forward.

Why should you consider availing of our 3rd Party Manufacturing services?

We are one of the largest and oldest parties for Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing services. Our company ensures the delivery of high-quality products within the assigned time frame. Here are the key benefits that you will reap, dealing with us:

You can optimize the Production expense.

Today, there is a competition among Ayurvedic Medicine brands to offer quality products at the cheapest rates. To cope with the competitors, you need to ensure the supply of the best quality Ayurvedic products.

However, to keep your business competitive, you need to downsize the production cost as well. Unless that happens, you can never offer more enticing rates than your customers.

If you fail to do so, you can never compete with your competitors. Eventually, your brand will get to a back foot. It is where you will benefit the most by joining hands with our company.

You can assign us to handle the production activity on your behalf. It will bring you relief from tasks like sourcing raw materials, arranging workforce and production framework, and investing working capital.

Thus, you can concentrate more on marketing your brand and expanding your service market. As we enable you to control the production cost and hassles, you can offer the best quality products at the cheapest rates.

It helps you to gain an edge over your competitors.

You can stand assured about the quality of the product.

It is the quality of your products that win you the heart of your target customers. If you have to survive in a competitive market, you don’t have the chance to compromise with the quality of your items.

  • We have a reputation for offering premium-grade products. It is another crucial reason to associate your brand with our company.
  • We comply with all international quality management guidelines.
  • The production process involves the best machines, methodologies, and a skilled workforce. It ensures that we deliver premium quality Ayurvedic products, as per your specifications.

We deliver the consignment perfectly by the time you want

As a contract manufacturer, we stick to the timeline our clients assign for the delivery of consignments. We understand that you need to release products to the market at its earliest.

Our mission is to offer you the most effective support in this regard. We have a comprehensive production facility and a qualified workforce on board. Hence, we are in the position to deliver quality products, strictly by the time you want.

Our Partnership will help you to escape various production hassles.

From sourcing quality raw materials to handling employee grievances; Threats of your workforce catching workplace injuries, or catching occupational health hazards; The production process is never a matter of a Cakewalk.

As we shoulder the entire production and testing process on your behalf, you can find a welcome escape from these threats. Thus, you can escape challenges like incurring unproductive expenses or incurring a delay in the production for the non-availability of raw materials.

What all items we manufacture, and the product USP

We offer a 360-degree manufacturing process, as per your specification. Our company handles orders for 3rd party manufacturing of Syrups, Pills, Ointments, and Oils.

Besides medicines, you can also tender the contract to manufacture Ayurvedic Personal Care Products. Here comes the USP of our products:

  1. We ensure that we are using the best Quality Herbs in the production process.
  2. All of our products feature the highest concentration of extracts of organic herbs.
  3. Our products are 100% free of Artificial colors, aroma, and chemicals.
  4. We produce items as per your specifications. The production process complies with the information on your product label.
  5. We comply with adequate health and hygiene standards during the production process.

Speaking about our credentials, we hold substantial experience in Ayurvedic product manufacturing. Our company has a proven record of completing more than 500 Unique Ayurvedic products.

We hold the necessary work permit and license to operate in a similar capacity. It gives us immense pleasure to state that we have bagged various domestic and international awards and recognition.

It certainly upholds our worthiness and trustworthiness as an Ayurvedic Product manufacturer.

By associating with our company, you reap manifold benefits. You can expand the manufacturing volume without investing a fortune amount.

Most importantly, we stand beside you to ensure the quality of your products. Thus, you have all reasons to try our 3rd Party manufacturing services.

With us, you gain an edge over your competitors, eventually outshining them in the long run.

Thus, you will feel like appreciating yourself for associating your brand with us. It is going to fetch you the most delightful outcome.

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    We are a quality-conscious, and professionally managed company, offering Third Party manufacturing services for years. Presently, NB Healthcare holds some of the top global Ayurvedic Medicine brands in its clientele. We can handle orders of all sizes.